The mission of the Brewster Youth Football program is to introduce the sport of football to the children in our community. We strive to develop solid fundamentals, discipline, good sportsmanship, strong character and respect for the Team. Our goal is to

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Player Safety and Heads Up Football


The major components of  the Heads Up Football Program are:

·  Coach Education and Certification

·  Equipment Fitting

·  Concussion Awareness

·  Heat and Hydration

·  Heads Up Tackling


Coach Education and Certification

Complete your Level 1 training -

Drills Library -

Player Safety Coach: Peter LaMoreaux (845) 242-9078


Equipment Fitting

Recheck equipment regularly during the season.

Helmet Fitting -

Shoulder Pads -


Heat and Hydration

Overview Video:

Kory Stringer Institute:


Concussion Awareness

Comprehensive Fact Sheet:

Concussion Checklist:

Return to Play Guidlines:



Heads Up Tackling

Tackling Overview


5 Fundamental Stages of Heads Up Tackling


Points of Emphasis:

Strike Point – Front of Shoulder

On contact slide the head to the side of the ball carrier

Head and back stay up to protect head and spine


In teaching tackling, levels of contact include:

·  Air - no contact

·  Bags

·  Control - predetermined winner

·  Thud - contact with no predetermined winner, stay on feet

·  Live